Cleaner Subcontractor Agreement

2.4 The commitment of other subcontractors is not permitted for the company. 2.2 As a subcontractor, you must take out general liability insurance. The company needs a copy of this document. 4.1 Background Check: If you are applying as a subcontractor to Coastline Pro Cleaners LLC, we need a background review for each subcontractor recruited. A $50 background registration fee is charged. This tax will not be refunded at the end of the substantive review. This helps build trust in potential customers. Last updated: 06.12.19 Thank you for your interest in Coastline Pro Cleaners! Please read these terms and conditions of sale carefully, as they contain important information about your rights, remedies and legal obligations. These include various restrictions and exclusions, a clause that governs the jurisdiction and place of litigation, unless it is forbidden to enter into a conciliation agreement on an individual basis (unless you object) and obligations to comply with existing laws and regulations. 19 years old. Limitation of liability and compensation of the company 19.1 Subcontractors, the company and its owners, senior executives, directors, representatives, associated companies and employees are free of and against all claims, deeds, losses, damages, expenses, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to legal and legal fees) (together a « third party » action) originating or related to cleaning services , errors and omissions by subcontractors, warranty or warranty breaches provided by subcontractors under this agreement, any promotion, including any claim for violations of the subcontractor`s legislation, rules, products or services. The company will immediately inform the subcontractor of any third-party claims for which it seeks compensation and allow the subcontractor to control the defence of that claim with a lawyer chosen by the subcontractor; provided that the subcontractor is not required to admit or foresee any fault, fault, liability or fault of the company without the prior written consent of the company. 19.2 The company does not represent or guarantee the safety of subcontractors in the facility or on the premises.

19.3 The company is not responsible for lost, stolen or missing goods from subcontractors. 19.4 The Subcontor is responsible for personal and personal injury covered by general liability insurance. 19.5 For owners, executives, directors, representatives, associates and employees, the company made no promises or security declarations to the subcontractor. There is no liability to the company if the company`s employees or subcontractors commit any attack on another subcontractor. 19.6 The subcontractor frees the company from any right to the loss of personal or commercial effects as a result of theft or a conclusion. 20. The choice of law and arbitration 20.1 Claims, controversies, actions or disputes that may arise between the subcontractors and the company (« claim ») are exclusively subject to the laws of the United States of America and the State of California, which comply with the Federal Arbitration Act, regardless of the rules of conflict of laws or the application of the principles provided for the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.