Confidentiality And Conflict Of Interest Agreement

1.4 The Member immediately informs the Deputy Minister of all circumstances in which the member assumes a real, potential or overt conflict or bias arising from the member`s roles on the tables and potential external interests or activities, including organizational affiliations, other advisory committees or boards of directors. If the Deputy Minister or a Deputy Minister-appointed official concludes that there is a real, potential or manifest conflict of interest regarding the member`s activities on the tables and external interests or activities, the member may ask the member to withdraw from the discussions or the development of a corresponding recommendation or to terminate the member`s membership in the tables. , to the full discretion of the Deputy Minister. 1.3 In the event that the member also sat on another advisory committee or board of directors, the member agrees not to disclose to the members of the other group the information, documents, deliberations, recordings or advice obtained, developed or given by or to the members of the table, unless the member is authorized to do so in writing by the deputy minister or a staff member appointed by the deputy minister. 2.2 The Member acknowledges that his correspondence with the Vice Minister or officials of Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada is subject to Access to Information, the Security of Information Act, the Privacy Act and the Government Security Policy. 2.1 The Member agrees that all views expressed to him as a member of the table should not be attributed to individuals. Neither the identity nor the individual`s belonging can be revealed. The Member agreed that unassigned ideas arising from table discussions may be disclosed with the prior authorization of the Deputy Minister or a person appointed by the Deputy Minister. 1.5 In the event that the member is already subject to the public sector code of values and ethics, the conflict of interest law, the code of conduct for another federal organization or other laws, directives or regulations, the member acknowledges that he remains bound by these provisions and that he fulfils his obligations in the performance of his obligations in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 1.2 The Member gives the Deputy Minister all the advice that, if adopted and implemented by Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada, could generate direct or immediate financial benefits for the member, either professionally or personally, or for one of the member`s family members or for an organization to which the member is affiliated. 2.4 The member may not use the information or documents disclosed or made available to the member as a member of the table for purposes other than his or her mandate as a member of the table, unless it is proven to be publicly available.