Crowdfunding Investment Agreement

Investing in a business carries significant risks, only a few of which are described in this agreement, and is only suitable for investors who have a limited need for liquidity in their investment, who can afford the potential loss of their investment, and who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements set out in this agreement. Direct or indirect investment in a business is not intended as a comprehensive or diversified investment program and should represent only a small portion of a potential investor`s investment portfolio. The Nominee orders these heirs to join the Platform with the funds made available on the Platform, provided that, if that heir is not allowed to join as a member of the platform, the nominaire will create on his behalf a special affiliation that will allow him to exercise rights concerning the shares inherited from the investor and/or any other quality that must be granted to the platform (subject to and on the terms of an heir contract), but not other measures; and the nominee and/or one of its related companies may enter into separate investment agreements with other members of the platform who wish to invest in Investee Company`s shares via the « co-investors ») platform as part of this financing cycle. Any such agreement must be on terms similar to those of this agreement, but the amount invested by the co-investor and, therefore, the number of shares that co-investor receives may differ from that of the investor, provided the relationship between them is the same (subject to possible fluctuations in the exchange rate). Investee Company`s constitutional documents, the terms of a subscription agreement or other agreements relating to the investment in invest in Investee Company, or laws or rules to which Investee Company is subject may give the investor (with all members of the platform for which the nominee holds shares in Investee Company and other investee Company shareholders) the right to acquire new shares of Investee Company (or securities that give rights to these shares or convertible to those shares) or acquire existing shares of Investee before being offered to third parties. The investor recognizes that: 7.3 Despite clause 7.2, you cannot terminate this contract during the period between your investment contract in an offer and the period during which: A company can conduct a fundraiser (as defined below) on the gee funding platform with respect to crowdfunding. A conflict of interest may arise when Gee Funding, Inc., Advisor decides to sponsor a Reg D offer for a company that is currently engaged in a crowdfunding offer on the site, is currently engaged to or will participate in it in the future. In this case, Gee Funding Advisor will negotiate the terms of the investment in the company through the Venture Fund or The Venture Partnership, not taking into account the interests of members who have invested or are likely to invest in the business through other offerings, and the interests of the venture capital fund or venture capital partnership, on the one hand, and the interests of members who have invested or may invest in the business through other offerings. In addition, in the event of a company`s bankruptcy, Gee Funding Advisor acts only in the interest of the Venture Fund or the Venture Partnership and regardless of who may have invested in another offer through the site.

3.4 When conducting our preliminary examinations, we will do so in accord with the standard of care referred to in paragraph 9.1.