Ecorys Study On The Use Of Trade Agreements

Negotiations on recent trade agreements (for example. B TTIP, AECG) have received considerable attention, but attention to existing agreements and their use is limited. The results of this study provided information on the use of free trade agreements by companies and the barriers to the use of these free trade agreements. These lessons are shared with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can be taken into account in the negotiations. Familiarises with free trade agreements with the EU and the extent to which Dutch companies use them – The sources of information used by companies to obtain information on free trade agreements and information that companies believe are currently insufficient/difficult to find to find previous research in the EU and its Member States have shown that companies are often not very familiar with free trade agreements. The preferential utilization rates (PUR) of a number of ERS trade agreements in the EU are relatively low for the Netherlands compared to the EU average. Developments in the implementation of the free trade agreement BETWEEN the EU and South Korea in the Netherlands. The obstacles that Dutch companies face when they wish to take advantage of the free trade agreement.