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As announced in the announcement, there are certain mandatory down payments under the loan agreement. It also implies that the restructuring is not completed until July 15, 2020 (or another date that can be agreed). The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the lender and borrowers have reached an agreement to extend the completion date of the restructuring from July 15, 2020 to September 30, 2020. a credit contract (the « credit facility contract ») under which the bank provides the borrower with a revolving credit facility (the « credit facility ») based on the bank`s terms and conditions. This first amendment of April 20, 2020 (the « 1st Amendment ») amends the credit facility agreement as follows: This is part of the credit facility agreement that is executed by inserting the borrower`s name in favour of the South Indian Bank Ltd of SCHEDULES: Schedule 1.01 – Existing. Letters of Credit Calendar 2.01 (A) – Commitment Plan 2.01 (B) – Swingline Commitments Schedule 2.01 (C) – Term Loan Amounts Schedule 3.12 – Hardware Subsidiaries Schedule 6.01 – Existing Indebtedness Schedule 6.02 – Existing Indebtness Schedule 6 .02 – Exist Links Schedule 6.04 – Existing Investment Plans 6.10 – Existing Restrictions EXPONATE: Exhibition A – Form of Disposal and Acceptance Exhibition B – Form of Certificate of Compliance Exhibition C – Form of Guarantee Agreement (subsidiary materials) Exhibition D – Loan Application Form Exhibition E – Interest Application Form Exposure F-1 – Form of U.S. tax certificate (for non-U.S. lenders) that are not partnerships for U.S. income tax) F-2 posts – form of U.S. tax certificate (for non-U.S. tax purposes. Participants who are not U.S.

Income Tax Partnerships) F-3 Posts – Form of U.S. Tax Certificate (for non-U.S. tax authorities. Participants who are partnerships for U.S. federal tax purposes) Exhibition F-4 Form THIS LOAN ACCORD (this « agreement »), dated , 2016, is organized by and under the Independent Cities Finance Authority, a common authority and exists under the laws of the State of California (the Authority), Millennium Housing of California, a California public charitable company (the « borrowers »), and MUFG Union Bank , N.A., a national banking association, as an agent (the « trustees »). This second complementary agreement is a financing document within the meaning of the facility agreement. Strategic Partnership Projects (PPPs) and User Access Facilities Agreements (UPAs) are made available to the contractor, in addition to CRADAs, to leverage the expertise of staff and unique facilities to maximize technology transfer. . Subject to the conditions contained in each assignment and consent, the lessor entrusts to the tenant all the rights, titles and interests of the lessor, on and under the gas contract, the operating contract and any operating facility agreement from the date of this agreement until the end of the lease period of the Ammonia project.