Fedex Alcohol Agreement

If you are qualified for shipping alcohol, you need to know what type of alcohol you are planning on the shipment. Here`s a short list of types of liquor licenses: the next step is to plan and package your alcohol emissions with FedEx-authorized packaging materials. FedEx recommends the use of molded polystyrene for alcohol and wine products. Here`s the quintessence: if you don`t know something, just ask your wearer! UPS and FedEx have many rules to follow you to ship alcohol. However, UPS and FedEx employ many customers who are willing to help you right away – and this help is a long way to go. Just think about staying with the USPS on this… at least until the laws change. Sending your favorite boozy drink is not as easy as dropping it off at your local post office. (The USPS will not send alcohol. Periods, on the contrary, sending alcohol on the simple pole totem is somewhere between sending a birthday card and sending live cobras in flea boxes. Yes, that is what happened.

It is not impossible, but it is not obvious. For all hypertechnical people out there, there are a few exceptions to this rule. The USPS allows the shipment of products that contain very small amounts of alcohol such as cold puree products, cooking wine and mouthwash. However, liquids containing 0.5% or more alcohol cannot be shipped. This means that almost all alcoholic beverages out there, including shipping beer and wine, are a no-go with USPS. Some of these universal rules? You must inform the carrier that your package contains alcohol. A surcharge is charged for the shipment. And an adult has to sign for it. The first step is to check whether or not you qualify for the license. For example, you must be over 21 to send alcohol. These rules also depend on the local steering committee.

Now that you are qualified to ship the alcohol, you have to decide what type of alcohol you are going to ship. Here is a small list of types of liquor license: There is absolutely no alcohol allowed for any USPS shipment, domestic or international. In the video above, you can see that the shipping label clearly means that the package contains alcohol products. In the denomination, the term RSA corresponds to the adult signature required. This way, FedEx can easily discover that the package contains alcoholic items. You must sign an alcohol delivery contract with FedEx. This can be done by contacting your FedEx account manager. Almost! The United States made the prohibition in 1920 and did not repeal it until 1933. Since then, our country has had a lot of time to review its laws prohibiting the transportation of alcohol. However, for some reason, the good people on Capitol Hill still haven`t traveled.

After signing the FedEx agreement, you must pack your shipment of alcohol with the materials authorized by FedEx. They recommend using moulded polystyrene for alcohol or wine products. FedEx will also allow the transport of alcohol with cut pieces of dough and corrugated cardboard units. You can pack the outside of the box with a heavy corrugated cardboard. While FedEx allows the shipment of alcohol, it is not possible to produce compliant labels via ShippingEasy. As a reference, you will find here the specific requirements when creating the label with FedEx: UPS needs a special label indicating that the package contains alcohol. These can be purchased on UPS. Origin or destination status may require additional tagging. We also present two WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin and Shopify FedEx App e-commerce shipping solutions.

You have built-in features that allow you to send alcohol directly from your online store. So read more and get to know them. All alcohol shippers must be licensed and allowed to ship in accordance with federal or regional laws and regulations in the states of origin and destination.