Ford Reaches Agreement

The preliminary agreement follows GM`s contract to include annual increases and lump sum payments. Detroit – The union representing Canadian auto workers has signed a three-year contract with Ford Motor Co. of Canada to build five new electric vehicles at a plant near Toronto to secure the plant`s future and mark the first major investment in electric vehicles in Canada. « Ford can confirm the UAW announcement that UAW and Ford have reached a proposed preliminary agreement on a four-year contract, » Bill Dirksen, Vice President of Laboratory Affairs at Ford, said in a statement. « Further details will be released at a later date. » « Our national negotiators, elected by their local unions, have unanimously decided to recommend to the UAW-Ford National Council the proposed interim agreement, » UAW Vice President Rory Gamble said in a statement Wednesday. « During the General Motors strike, our negotiating team worked hard to maintain productive negotiations with Ford… Out of respect for our members, we will refrain from commenting or publishing full details of the agreement until UAW Ford Council leaders meet to verify the details. TORONTO – Unifor`s bargaining committee has reached a historic interim agreement with the Ford Motor Company, which averted a strike on its Canadian operation after extending last night`s midnight deadline and negotiating overnight. DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. and United auto workers reached an interim agreement on a new employment contract early Saturday morning, the union said in a statement.

The union turned to Ford to negotiate a new four-year contract after last week ratifying a contract with GM following a 40-day U.S. strike that ended almost all of GM`s Operations in North America. « While we will not discuss the details of the preliminary agreement until it is final, we believe it is fair to our employees and retirees and paves the way for ford to increase its competitiveness in the United States, » said Joe Laymon, Vice President of Personnel and Labor Affairs for the Ford Group. DETROIT (Reuters) – Ford Motor F.N and the United Auto Workers union on Wednesday announced an interim agreement for a new employment contract, which provides for it in the NR. 2 of the U.S. automaker avoids a strike like the one that cost its biggest rival Gm General Motors. N about $3 billion. Fiat Chrysler is in negotiations, followed by General Motors. Dias said he was confident of reaching agreements with both, but said the talks would be difficult.

The UAW said in a statement earlier in the day that details of the new agreement will be formally made available to union members during declarations and ratification meetings in local ford UAW unions. No timetable has been set for ratification.