Loopholes In Custody Agreements

I`m trying to figure out what my rights are as a father with a 16-year-old girl who clearly posts sexual photos and photos of them on the Internet without clothes on and in sexual positions, who say « Look at my snow hare » well you imagine as a father, how angry I am. My ex-wife says she doesn`t care what my daughter does as long as she`s happy, she also drinks with her mother and she gets up. Now, when I moved out, my daughter was a cheer guide and played softball, now all she cares about is having sex and riding… She won`t see me anymore because I have a problem with what she`s doing… What are my rights? I don`t know what to do… I am so afraid that she will end up getting hurt or pregnant. Should I call it dyfs? Can I go to court and ask for custody? And if she doesn`t want to go?… I really need help. Thank you for a desperate father.

I`m a single father who`s been in custody of my son for three and a half years. Isolation for 1 year. I did everything I could for him, sing it, read it and put it in the night. His mother is in and out of her life sometimes walking months without contact. As soon as there is an arrest warrant, she changes her attitude. After being despised 6 times for unpaid aid, I am accused of « assaulting » her without any contusion or evidence. I get papers saying she wants sole custody!!!!! I voluntarily have a hair sample that she refused to provide because she has an addiction. in systom`s garage lane fatigue with the mother.

I agree that much of what is said above. but my husband recently applied for divorce and custody of the children. I don`t feel like he deserves the attention of my daughters because he never came to see them. Every time I invited him to visit, he told me that his mother was forcing him to visit his family and friends, so I stopped trying. He threatened me countless times, including his mother and father, because he took my baby from me. I don`t feel like they`re in good shape because they do a lot of drugs and party, and it`s not good for a 2-year-old girl. I also feel like he`s out of control, and if he gets really upset, he`ll abuse my child like he abused me on my passport. I am completely perplexed because he is willing to lie to his whole family. I didn`t call the police or anyone because I was so scared of him that I just wanted to get away. Help me. I will give more details if it does not make sense. Hilton and Devall (1998), after interviewing mothers and fathers with sole custody and one child in each family, found no difference in the positive and negative educational behaviours of single mothers and single fathers.

The behaviour of the children, as reported by their parents, did not differ between lone parents and fathers, except that the children behaved somewhat higher « internalizing » behaviour (complaints about headaches from the children) in maternity custody alone. The authors concluded that the sex of the parents was not worth much to explain the behaviour of the children. Common child care arrangements can have the effect of maintaining a parent`s attachment to their ex-spouse and hindering the reorganization of their life. In a sample analyzed by Pearson and Thoennes (1990), these results were not visible. Respondents in each child care group – including parents with common custody arrangements – had the same or lower « annexs » in the third interview than in the first interview, which occurred shortly after separation. Other researchers have suggested that co-parenting has some attachment: a friendship with a former spouse is conducive to a more sustained and common co-education relationship (Dozier et al., 1993). [20] The friendlier the culture, the less conflict there is for the education of children.