Usb If Agreement

Products that successfully complete USB-IF certification and sign a logo license agreement can use certified USB brands to identify supported performance and performance protocols. USB is fast, convenient and easy to use. USB-IF encourages consumers to purchase compliant USB products to ensure interoperability and make full use of all USB features. Look for USB-IF logos on your cable, charger or any other device. Compliant USB products ensure interoperability and consumer satisfaction. USB-IF aims to make all certified USB cables, chargers and other devices easily identifiable. USB-IF reminds you to purchase compliant products from trusted sources that display USB-IF-certified logos on packaging, product descriptions or on the cable or device itself. CTM USB cable and connector tests are now available. For more information on registering your test product, click here. In addition to the successful USB-IF compliance check and the inclusion of its USB Type C™ products in the list of integrators, companies wishing to use certified USB logos must have a current USB-IF license agreement. All implementation examples and reference models included in this specification are part of the limited patent license for companies that execute the USB 3.0 adoption agreement. With the continued success of the USB interface, it is necessary to adapt USB technology to use newer platforms and computing devices, as they tend towards smaller, thinner and lighter form factors. Many of these latest platforms and devices reach a point where existing USB sockets and connectors inhibit innovations, especially due to the relatively large size and internal volume limitations of standard A and B versions of USB ports.

In addition, usability and robustness requirements have increased as platform usage patterns have evolved and existing USB ports have not been originally developed for some of these newer requirements. This specification is to establish a new ecosystem of USB connectors that meets the evolving needs of platforms and devices while retaining all the functional benefits of USB, which form the basis of these most popular computer device connections. COPYRIGHT LICENSE RIGHTS USB 3.0 providers grant a conditional copyright license among the copyrights contained in the cable specifications and USB Type-C connectors™ to use and reproduce it solely for the sole purpose and to the extent necessary to evaluate the implementation of the specification in products that meet the specifications. Without limitation of the above, the use of the specifications is not permitted for the purpose of filing or amending a patent application based on specifications or products that comply with the USB. With the exception of this explicit copyright license, no other rights or licenses are granted, including and without limitation of patent licenses. To obtain additional licenses for intellectual property or specification-related licensing commitments, a party must execute the USB 3.0 adoption agreement. NOTE: Using the specifications, you accept these licensing conditions on your own behalf and, if you do so as an employee, on behalf of your employer. Compliance tests are being developed for products that meet C™ cable and USB connector specifications. For more details, click here.