Zoom Privacy Agreement

Zoom takes your privacy very seriously and only collects data from people who use the Zoom platform, which is needed to provide the service and ensure it is provided efficiently. Check out our privacy policy here. Please check to see if I`m missing something. I`m really worried about privacy, but I sometimes wonder if there`s a teaching piece missing around the right use, which we need to take into account instead of just yelling « run away, run away! » You don`t need to install software on your desktop to run Zoom. But if you need, you can only get this software on the official website of zoom.us/download. Zooms The data protection team is responsible for managing and developing Zoom`s external and internal privacy programs, complying with U.S. and international privacy policy, and evaluating our suppliers` privacy practices. In an April 1 blog post, CEO and founder Eric S. Yuan Zooms acknowledged the growing pain and promised that the regular development of the Zoom platform would be suspended while the company worked to resolve security and privacy issues. As always, we will continue to monitor and develop our approach to privacy to ensure we do the right thing for our users. We support our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers` data and consider privacy as a centerpiece of our corporate values – taking care of our community, our customers, our employees and our business. The RGPD grants certain rights to the people concerned (also called our users) in order to guarantee the confidentiality and protection of their personal data.

To exercise these rights: After persistent criticism from data advocates, Zoom announced in a June 17 blog post that its next end-to-end encryption (E2E) would no longer be reserved for paid users. The millions of people who use Zoom for free for school, friendliness and work will also receive end-to-end encryption. Like most technology companies with an online presence, on our marketing sites, such as zoom.us and zoom.com, we use third-party advertising services (like Google) to provide personalized ads to our users on products that visitors may find interesting. (For example, if you visit our website, you`ll later see, depending on your cookies settings, a Zoom ad that reminds you of the features Zoom has to offer.) However, this only applies to user activity on the zoom.us site. No data on user activities on the Zoom platform – including video, audio and chat content – are transmitted to third parties for advertising purposes. If you don`t want to receive targeted ads via Zoom after your visit zoom.us simply click on the « Cookie Settings » link at the bottom of any page on the site zoom.us and adjust the cursor to « Cookies Required. » But s3c noticed that the unique identification tag in zoom`s confirmation site URL was identical to the first ID tag.