Comsca Agreement

Thank you to World Vision Philippines, Schmitz Foundation and Waray Empowerment, Inc. for your support! Thanks also to ORC`s COMSCA facilators –Rosa Aling, Jill Oracion, Villa Tagget and Tata Dasig. For more information about CoMSCA, see and 4) CoMSCA`s weekly collective registration and monitoring puts members in the habit of reporting and discipline of accountability and transparency, as is conservation management. In order to properly protect and manage environmental resources, we need to know the state of our environment, monitor the rate of decline and/or progress of the environment, and hold citizens accountable for their actions. Each group can also have a Social Fund that will provide members with basic protection. The Social Fund serves as a group security network and can be used as a member of emergency assistance and funeral expenses for group members and non-members (family members). The Dugtong Dunong Teachers Association of Silago is now in the 2nd cycle of CoMSCA. Since March 1, 2018, ORC has created 13 CoMSCA groups in Silago and 3 in Hinunanangan, Southern Leyte. Of course, like any financial service, CoMSCA has its own limitations. It certainly cannot address all of a member`s financial situations (for example. Access to huge capital investments); However, coMSCA, along with other similar methods to save groups, is known to help people particularly in the following circumstances: « We encourage young people like us to join a CoMSCA group.

I`ve noticed that we choose not only to give money, but also to save money, » concludes Joris Rey.World Vision/February 21, 2018 In December, the guys will be part of the group. The boys` experience has not only taught them the value of saving. He also taught them the value of hard work. Their income from the sale of food products allowed them to systematically buy the maximum share of Php 50.00. She continued to charge them with the importance of discipline. They were able to manage their time with their friends, their school obligations and even their time at home. The two never missed one of their group meetings. 2) As a self-help savings group, COMSCA offers members the experience of helping themselves without external funding. In the process of building autonomy, they learn disciplines essential to environmental responsibility, such as a realistic assessment of what they have, the pooling of their resources and life only of what they have or what they can easily render. Access to exclusive stories from the Economic Times, editorials and experts « In addition to our daily allowances, we receive our share here for CoMSCA, » says Angelbert. It is a simple, transparent and self-administered savings mechanism in which community members save together, lend their savings and share benefits. Members offer their own savings and credit services at negligible costs, while retaining income and investment in their own communities.

As paluwagan, COMSCA is a bayanihan type of economy, but unlike paluwagan, it incorporates a simple but highly procedural system for liability and registration. It then allows the group`s savings to increase over time on the basis of agreed credit service charges. Since then, Joris Rey has started putting iced candy, donuts and waffles in school every day to sell to her classmates. Angelbert brought doughnuts, polvorons and cue bananas. The Foundation`s Board Of Directors, Reynato Puno Sr., retired, decorated the event and inspired the participants during his speech. « CoMSCA empowers the powerless. It allows them to participate in the many development projects aimed at improving their own future, » said Mr. Puno. World Vision is a global Christian organization for aid, development and advocacy that is committed to working with children, families and communities to eradicate poverty and injustice.