Css Newman Lulac Settlement Agreements

My name is Shahid I. Sheikh. I have lived in America for over 24 years. I received the work authorization card at css/lulac in 2000. In 2001, the Immigration Office sent me another one to receive the permanent residence card within 90 days. I send them the fees, the medical expenses, and my fingerprint has been approved. During this time, however, I go back and forth on parole (from the United States to Pakistan) to see my sick mother and my wife. In 2007, I called the immigration department so that, as I don`t have it, I get my permanent residence card to bring my family to the United States, which was my dream. They told me that they would deal with it. It was heartbreaking, they sent me later that your case had been dismissed and that you could not appeal. I paid more than 1.40000.00 (hundred and forty thousand dollars) to tax. I have an excellent record in the municipality of Masspequa, N.Y.11758, where all the police officers, firefighters, the place of residence and the place I use to be a manager in Dunkin Donuts (20Broadway, Masspequa).

I`ve earned the respect of the community, the police, the politicians. But on May 31, 2012, I had to make a very tough decision to visit the family in Pakistan, and now I can`t go back to the United States. I`ve lived half my life in the United States, and it`s heartbreaking for me that I can`t go back. This new immigration law, which is in the Senate, if passed by Congress, would help me come back. My boss Kevin Monge, the owner of five dunkin donuts, wants to do everything to bring me back to the head of his company. If you could help me, I would appreciate it and I would have to. Shahid I. Sheikh. ID#shahidsheikh301@yahoo.com cell `923144466696. Refraining from making a written application to the Attorney General on css/lulac Immigration will not renew my work permit, which I can do Regulations affect the rights of the following two groups of immigrants who are entitled to object to the proposed comparison: CSS and LULAC/Newman have greater protection than the LIFE Act.

Therefore, individuals who have already been the subject of an application under the LIFE Act should also apply for a discharge under the CSS and lulac/Newman Settlement. If the previous applications are later rejected, they cannot apply for discharge as part of the transaction, unless they have submitted it on time. As immigration laws become more stringent, no one should give the opportunity to apply for a discharge for which they might be eligible. Applicants who believe they can benefit from this discharge should seek immediate assistance from an experienced immigration lawyer.