Disa Product Loan Agreement

disa.deps.mil/org/PL2/Pages/DITCORefs.aspx?RootFolder%2Forg%2FPL2%2FFAute%2FPROCEDURES%20GUIDES%20INSTRUCTIONS%20%28PGI%29-folderCTID-0x012000175D246D4A108E42B091C3F17BE4BDFE-View-% 7B998EB6 D7%2DDD02%2D4224%2D9626%2D13F9934F7F4C%7D The list of DISA Acquisition Deskbooks, DISA Contracting and Acquisition Templates, samples, and the guides are available on www.ditco.disa.mil/hq/aqinfo.asp and in the DARS G.G.A. – DISA Source Selection Procedures, Guides, models, samples and training Materials: www.ditco.disa.mil/DitcoContractingTemplates/doku.php?id=disa_source_select ion_procedures_guides_templates_samples_and_training_materials [insert a description of the security used to secure the loan] (a) Written agreement on management and administration responsibility. The parties recognize and agree that this agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties. If the contracting parties wish to amend, supplement or amend the terms, they do so in writing to be signed by both parties. CONSIDERING that the lender lends to the borrower [inserting loans] and the borrower to the lender [insert the loan amount] (the « loan ») with interest on the unpaid loan up to [insert an interest rate] per year, the [commitment day at which the loan is signed]; and DISA Acquisition Deskbooks: www.ditco.disa.mil/hq/deskbooks.asp (S-90) The requirements of DFARS 217,770 must be addressed in the determination and determination (D-F) of an assisted acquisition required by FAR 17.502-1. See DISA Interagency Acquisition Guide to www.ditco.disa.mil/DitcoContractingTemplates/doku.php?id=interagency_acquisition_gu. Bridge Contract is a short-term contract that is generally awarded to the existing contractor to pursue critical services when a timely competitive transaction has not been concluded. It provides the necessary services until the program and the contracting authorities can enter into a new competition contract. The SPE Bridge Decision Briefing in DARS IGP 17,000 is not required for non-DISA actions, or for bridge contracts required by the GAO or agency-level protests. Although a bridge does not require a decision mandate, it must nevertheless be added to the bridge disa.deps.mil/org/PL2/Lists/BridgeChart/AllItems.aspx table.