Leave And Licence Agreement For Shop

17. This licence and this contract are also terminated when the licensee sells its business as a current business, which it manages in the rental premises, with the advantage of the rental rights in the aforementioned rental premises and, in this case, the licensee evacuates the premises. And while the licensee applied the licensee by asking him to authorize the licensee to occupy and temporarily use part of the aforementioned premises in the building in question for … sq. ft. on the basis of holidays and short-term licences. 14. If the licensee violates a clause in this agreement, the licensee is entitled to terminate the contract up to fifteen days before the purchaser`s notification. 11. The premises granted are made available to the licensee on a personal basis and the licensee has no right to transfer the benefits of this contract to other persons or is not allowed to allow someone else to occupy the premises or their parties. The licensee is not considered to be an exclusive occupation of the licensed premises and the licensee has the right to enter the premises at any time during working hours to inspect the premises.

Now it is agreed by and between the parties in the following way. – 16. The taker will not make omissions or commissions detrimental to the terms and conditions of the lease for the benefit of the grantee. 2. The licensee pays the licenseant an amount of… per month, as a fee or compensation in advance for each month at the end of the year. Day of every month. Signed by the anonymous licensee Mr. A, in the presence of… And while these premises on… sq. ft.

and are in the name of the licensor as a monthly tenant in the registration of the owner of the building and the rent in question is still valid and subsisting. 5. Licensed premises are only used for the exercise of the activity and for any other purpose. 18. At the expiry of this period or the period of the previous licence or termination. As noted above, the licensee hands over to the licensee the free and peaceful possession of licensed premises in the state where the premises are now under normal wear and tear and removing all its furniture and other objects transported to the licensed premises. The occupation of the premises by the licensee as a result of such termination is considered to be that of an infringing person. 6. The premises granted are bounded by a temporary partition by the licensee and the same premises will not be removed by the licensee. While the licensee is a tenant of office space is room No. 2…

Floor in the building known as… and stand on the property. No no. and you`re located at… in the city … 8. The licensee, his agents, agents and visitors have access to the premises granted from the main entrance of said tenants only during the office hours provided by … a.m. to … p.m. except on public holidays. The licensee may be allowed to keep his office open at a-side office periods or on public holidays only with the licensee`s consent as a special case.

And while the licensee agrees to grant leave and incense to the licensee to occupy and use part of the aforementioned rental premises which appears on the plan, which is accompanied by a red template, hereafter referred to as the premises granted, on the following terms, which have been agreed between the parties.