Radolfzell Ii Agreement

Regina Katerndahl, deputy head of IG Metall Berlin, invoked the « Radolfzell II » agreement negotiated in 2010 between the board of directors and the union. « We have to impose this, » she told the protest participants. Reuters and Seeking Alpha say Siemens will close factories to increase margins, according to a person close to the company. The company will not accept the Radolfzell II agreement with the German trade unions, which requires the agreement of the trade unions in the event of site closures and forced redundancies, although it intends to start discussions with workers` representatives in order to explore a common approach. It will not accept the so-called Radolfzell II agreement between German unions and their parents, which requires the agreement of trade unions in the event of site closures and forced redundancies, the person said. Radolfzell II Work Agreement will not be adopted – Source This agreement, which purported to offer protection against dismissals, is not worth the paper on which it is written. Indeed, the trade union leaders accepted a clause in the agreement expressly stating that, under certain conditions, « such a guarantee cannot be given ». This is what the union is all about to preserve the value flows of « sound » business. Workers should comply and accept the corresponding job cuts. Augustat invited workers to think about what could be improved in the manufacturing process. The leaflet states that « GM`s exit is the latest step in a wave of global strikes.

The American auto workers` strike is taking place in the context of an international working-class movement. Just last week, 8,000 GM workers went on strike in Korea and French transit workers shut down the Paris subways. Last year, auto workers carried out powerful strikes in India and Mexico. In France, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong, workers and young people took part in mass demonstrations to defend their social and democratic rights. The struggle can only succeed if it is removed from the control of the traitors of the UAW. Workers must elect tier and queue commissions to organize and expand the strike.